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The set field creates a list of tick-able options (checkboxes). This field enables selection of multiple options. The value is retrieved as array containing the ticked options.

Setup methods


Add an associative array with options.

The method can be called multiple times, in which case the options between the calls will be appended (instead of overwritten).

If the old options are a callback (and not an array), the callback will be removed in favor of the new options.

If the new options are a callback (and not an array), the callback will replace the old options.


Set options as an associative array or a callback.

The method is not intended to be called multiple times – each call will overwrite the previous options.


Shows only the first $count options, while the others are hidden and can be shown by clicking the “Show All Options” link.

This method is useful when there are many options in the Set field.

Must be greater than or equal to 0. Default is 0 (no limit, all options are visible).

NB! If you provide indexed array with no key values, the default indexes (0, 1, 2 …) of the elements will be used.
Field::make("set", "crb_product_features", "Features")
        'bluetooth' => 'Bluetooth',
        'gps' => 'GPS navigation',
        'nfc' => 'Near field communication',

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