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The map field provides a Google-powered map with an address search field.

The field stores several pieces of related information:

Atribute Description Value Type Value
'value' Latitude & Longitude (string) 40.74866,-73.97982
'lat' Latitude (float) 40.74866
'lng' Longitude (float) -73.97982
'address' Address (string) 45 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016
'zoom' Zoom level (int) 8

Google Maps API Key setup

As of June 22, 2016, Google requires users to generate an API key in order to use the Maps API: https://developers.google.com/maps/pricing-and-plans/standard-plan-2016-update

You can get your API key here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Once you’re ready with the process of generating a key, you’ll need to provide the key to Carbon Fields through a filter:

add_filter( 'carbon_fields_map_field_api_key', 'crb_get_gmaps_api_key' );
function crb_get_gmaps_api_key( $current_key ) {
    return 'your key goes here';

Config methods

set_position( $lat, $lng, $zoom )

Set the default position on the map specified by $lat and $lng and the default zoom level to $zoom (zoom 0 corresponds to a map of the Earth fully zoomed out).

Field::make( 'map', 'crb_company_location', 'Location' )
    ->set_help_text( 'drag and drop the pin on the map to select location' )


To get all the location data as an array, you can use the map type in the retrieval functions. Example:

/* Get the location data */
carbon_get_post_meta( $id, $name ); // array( 'value' => '40.74866,-73.97982', lat' => 40.74866, 'lng' => -73.97982, 'address' => '45 Park Avenue,  New York, NY 10016', 'zoom' => 8)

Value Format

    'value': '40.346544,-101.645507',
    'lat': 40.346544,
    'lng': -101.645507,
    'zoom': 10,
    'address': 'New York',

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