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Documentation > Fields > Multiselect


Creates a multiselect (tag-style) box with pre-defined options.

Field::make( "multiselect", "crb_available_colors", "Available Colors" )

Setup methods

add_options( $options )

Add an associative array with options or a callable.

The method can be called multiple times, in which case the options between the calls will be appended (instead of overwritten).

set_options( $options )

Set options as an associative array or a callable.

The method is not intended to be called multiple times – each call will overwrite the previous options.

NB! If you provide an indexed array with no key values, the default indexes (0, 1, 2 …) of the elements will be used.
Field::make( "multiselect", "crb_available_colors", "Available Colors" )
    ->add_options( array(
        'red' => 'Red',
        'green' => 'Green',
        'blue' => 'Blue',
    ) )

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