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Renders a color picker with an optional palette.

Colors are represented with six hexadecimal digits prefixed with # (e.g. white is #FFFFFF) or with 8 hexademical digits when alpha is enabled (e.g. white is #FFFFFFFF).

Field::make( 'color', 'crb_box_background', 'Background Color' )

Config methods

set_palette( $palette = array() )

Sets the color picker’s pallete of predefined colors. Must be an array of hexadecimal colors.

Field::make( 'color', 'crb_background', 'Background' )
    ->set_palette( array( '#FF0000', '#00FF00', '#0000FF' ) );

set_alpha_enabled( $enabled = true )

Enables alpha selection for the field. Changes the stored value from 6 hexadecimal digits to 8 to account for the extra alpha information.

Field::make( 'color', 'crb_background', 'Background' )
    ->set_alpha_enabled( true );
NB! If you need separate RGB(A) values instead of a color’s hexadecimal value you can use the built-in carbon_hex_to_rgba( $hex ) function:
$hex = carbon_get_theme_option( 'foobar' ); // Assuming this returns #FF0000BF
$rgba = carbon_hex_to_rgba( $hex );
print_r( $rgba );


array(4) {
  ["red"] => int(255), // integer in the 0-255 range
  ["green"] => int(0), // integer in the 0-255 range
  ["blue"] => int(0), // integer in the 0-255 range
  ["alpha"] => float(0.74901960784314), // float in the 0-1 range

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