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Elegant WordPress custom fields for developers

  • Powerful containers for every possible content type
  • Over 20 awesome field types
  • Elegant and intuitive code syntax

Want to build on top of WordPress?

You have found the right library. Carbon Fields makes it easy for you to create custom fields for post types, taxonomies,
users, comments, options pages, navigation menus and even custom widgets.

Fields everywhere

Containers for post types, taxonomy terms, users, comments, options, navigation menus and even widgets are available.

Easy to extend

The plugin code is very well structured and is built in an object-oriented fashion, which makes it effortless to extend by developers.

Nested field groups

You can create nested groups of fields within nested fields within nested fields ... to an unlimited depth. Sky is the limit!

Piece-of-cake custom widgets

Creating rich, flexible custom widgets with your preferred selection of custom fields is now child's play.

Elegant, expressive syntax

The syntax for creating work-of-art containers and fields is beautifully intuitive, simple and comprehensible.

A whole bunch of field types

You can select from a rich variety of over 20 field types, which allows you to cover every possible CMS situation.

Drives more than 5,400+ projects

Over 380,000 CMS fields created

Dive into a sea of fields

Catch a glimpse of what Carbon Fields is capable of, and how easy it is to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the minimum PHP version, supported by Carbon Fields?

We support PHP 5.3+.

I don’t know much about PHP. Do you have an administration interface for creating containers and fields?

Nope. Our goal is to provide developers with an elegant and expressive code syntax to build containers and fields within WordPress.

Can I create repeatable sets of fields?

Yes. We call them Complex Fields – fields that contain other fields. You can even create complex fields with multiple sets of fields. Then, when creating a repeatable entry, you can select which set of fields to use.

Can I nest complex (repeatable) fields? If yes, how many levels deep?

Yes, you can nest the fields, at an unlimited depth. The only limit is your imagination. :)

Is Carbon Fields completely free?


Can I use Carbon Fields for commercial purposes?

Sure, go ahead! It is completely open source.

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