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WordPress Custom Fields Library

Optimized for Developer Happiness

  • Repeater Field
  • Free
  • Gutenberg support
  • Feature rich

Developer's Custom Fields Toolkit

Carbon Fields makes it easy to create custom fields for post types, options pages, taxonomies, users, comments, navigation menus, and custom widgets.

You can even define dynamic Gutenberg blocks without touching javascript.

Repeatable Field Groups

Create groups of fields and allow your users to repeat them while editing content. You can nest groups as well.

Piece-of-cake Gutenberg Blocks

Creating rich and flexible Gutenberg blocks with Carbon Field is a child's play.

Expresssive and Concise Syntax

We value elegance, simplicity, and maintainability. Carbon Fields provides declarative API that makes maintenance of admin UIs a breeze.

Feature rich out-of-the-box

Carbon Fields does not have half-backed "free" version and fully-featured "pro" one. You get all features in a single, free(as-in-speech and as-in-beer) package.

Bill Erickson


Carbon Fields is my favorite metabox solution. It's feature rich and developer friendly with elegantly structured syntax. My clients love the editing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the minimum PHP version, supported by Carbon Fields?

We support PHP 5.3+.

I don’t know much about PHP. Do you have an administration interface for creating containers and fields?

Nope. Our goal is to provide developers with an elegant and expressive code syntax to build containers and fields within WordPress.

Can I create repeatable sets of fields?

Yes. We call them Complex Fields – fields that contain other fields. You can even create complex fields with multiple sets of fields. Then, when creating a repeatable entry, you can select which set of fields to use.

Can I nest complex (repeatable) fields? If yes, how many levels deep?

Yes, you can nest the fields, at an unlimited depth. The only limit is your imagination. 🙂

Is Carbon Fields completely free?


Can I use Carbon Fields for commercial purposes?

Sure, go ahead! It is completely open source.

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