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User Meta

User meta containers add extra fields to the user edit screens. Field data is stored separately for each user as user meta (see add_user_meta).

use Carbon_Fields\Container;
use Carbon_Fields\Field;

Container::make('user_meta', 'Address')
        Field::make('text', 'crb_city_and_post', 'City and post code'),
        Field::make('text', 'crb_street', 'Street Name'),

By default the user meta containers are displayed for all users of all roles, but you can select specific user roles they show on using the method show_on_user_role($role), where:

Parameter Description
$role Can be either name of a single role or an array of role names

Accessing field values

To access field values you need to use the function carbon_get_user_meta($user_d, $name, $type = null), where:

Parameter Description
$user_id User ID where your value was entered.
$name The name of the field to be retrieved.
$type (optional) If the field you want to retrieve is of type complex, you need to pass "complex".
<!-- Simple field -->
<p>Author address: <?php echo carbon_get_user_meta(get_the_author_meta('ID'), 'crb_street'); ?></p>

<!-- Complex field -->
$phone_numbers = carbon_get_user_meta(get_the_author_meta('ID'), 'crb_phone_numbers', 'complex');
foreach ($phone_numbers as $phone) {
    echo $phone['country_code'] . '-' . $phone['number'];

After saving, the carbon_after_save_user_meta hook is called, which allows you to hook additional functionality after saving. It accepts the $user_id parameter, which is the ID of the user that was updated.

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