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Network containers are used to add pages with options in the Multisite network administration only. Field data is stored as site meta.

Since the Network container extends the Theme Options container, please refer to the Theme Options container documentation for more information.

Example Container

use Carbon_Fields\Container;
use Carbon_Fields\Field;

Container::make( 'network', 'crb_network_container', 'Network Settings' )
  ->add_fields( array(
    Field::make( 'text', 'crb_title' ) ,
    Field::make( 'checkbox', 'crb_disable_feature' )

Accessing field values

To retrieve field values from a network options container, you need to use the function carbon_get_network_option( $site_id, $name, $container_id ), where:

Parameter Description
$site_id The site ID of the current network (example: SITE_ID_CURRENT_SITE)
$name The field name pattern of the field to be retrieved.
$container_id The container ID that contains the field. In the example above, crb_network_container.
<h1>This is my title: <?php echo carbon_get_network_option( SITE_ID_CURRENT_SITE, 'crb_title', 'carbon_fields_container_crb_network_container' ); ?></p>

After saving, the carbon_fields_network_container_saved hook is called, which allows you to hook additional functionality after saving.

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