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Getting Started

In order to register your fields properly, you need to use the carbon_register_fields action hook.

The recommended way to do this is to include your files with custom fields in a function, hooked to that action.

So for example, the following code would go in your theme functions.php (if building a theme), or in the main plugin file (if building a plugin):

add_action('carbon_register_fields', 'crb_register_custom_fields');
function crb_register_custom_fields() {
    include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/includes/post-meta.php');

This example assumes that you have created a file post-meta.php in the /includes subdirectory of your theme/plugin.

Within this file, you can create your custom containers with preferred fields.

NB! Don’t forget the use statements in the beginning of the custom fields files. Each file should begin with:
use Carbon_Fields\Container;
use Carbon_Fields\Field;

and after that you can define your containers and fields, as shown in the Containers -> Usage examples.

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