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Documentation > Fields > Textarea


Multiline text input with HTML allowed.

Field::make( 'textarea', 'crb_meta_description' )

Config methods

set_rows( $rows = 5 )

Sets the number of rows. Must be greater than or equal to 0. Default is 5.

Field::make( 'textarea', 'crb_services', 'Services' )
    ->set_rows( 4 );

set_attribute( $name, $value = '' )

Sets a direct attribute of the resulting <textarea> field. Can only be one of the following: 'maxLength', 'minLength', 'placeholder', 'readOnly' and 'data-*'.

Field::make( 'textarea', 'crb_phones', 'Phone Numbers' )
    ->set_attribute( 'placeholder', '(***) ***-****, ...' );

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