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Field As A Library

Carbon Fields allows you to create custom field libraries that you can distribute and allow users to install as an addition to Carbon Fields:

  1. Create your own git repo based on https://github.com/htmlburger/carbon-field-template
  2. Setup a blank WordPress installation
  3. Browse to the default theme directory (e.g. twentyseventeen)
  4. Call composer require htmlburger/carbon-fields
  5. Edit the functions.php file
  6. Add this code to the top of functions.php:

    use Carbon_Fields\Container;
    use Carbon_Fields\Field;
    add_action( 'carbon_fields_register_fields', 'crb_attach_theme_options' );
    function crb_attach_theme_options() {
        Container::make( 'theme_options', __( 'Theme Options', 'crb' ) )
            ->add_fields( array(
                Field::make( 'yourfieldtype', 'crb_your_custom_field', 'Your Custom Field' ),
            ) );
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'crb_load' );
    function crb_load() {
        require_once( 'vendor/autoload.php' );
  7. Edit the composer.json file to look like this (replace the values where necessary):

        "repositories": [
                "type": "vcs",
                "url": "YOUR_GIT_REPO_URL_HERE"
        "require": {
            "htmlburger/carbon-fields": "^2.0",
  8. Call composer update to install your field from your repo

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