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Field In A Theme

Carbon Fields allows you to define custom fields inside your theme if you have theme-specific fields that you do not intend to distribute separately:

  1. Execute git clone https://github.com/htmlburger/carbon-field-template.git --single-branch --depth 1 includes/my-field in your theme dir
  2. Delete the includes/my-field/.git directory
  3. Add the following to your theme’s composer.json:
    "autoload": {
        "files": [
        "psr-4": {
            "Carbon_Field_YOURFIELDNAME\\": "./includes/my-field/core/"
  4. Call composer dumpautoload
  5. Browse to the includes/my-field directory
  6. Call npm install
  7. Edit includes/my-field/webpack.config.js and adjust the const root variable to point to the directory of Carbon Fields (e.g. const root = path.resolve(__dirname, '../../vendor/includes/htmlburger/carbon-fields');)
  8. Call npm run build
  9. You now have a local custom field running from your theme
  10. If the field is theme-specific and will not be distributed separately feel free to delete the composer.json and composer.lock files.

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